Thursday, July 30, 2009

Old age Home at Azimganj...........My dream

I hv a dream to make a old age (retirement) home at Azimganj. my idea as follows:-

Proposed Retirement home at Azimganj

Apna Ghar(proposed name) is Jain's premier Retirement Residence and one of the

finest in India. Located at Azimganj -- a Jain Tirth very nearby to kolkata, Apna Ghar has

our very own Jain culture with modern amenities to provide our residents the best

contemporary lifestyle facilities.

Apna Ghar as a premier retirement residence, offers a continuum of assured lifetime care for every resident, that begins with access to health care services, food, personal assistance if requested, security, maintenance, housekeeping, linen services, wellness, entertainment and along the continuum, if needed, special care, assisted living and skilled long term care.

The concept of the old age home has become quite familiar today, but often for the wrong reasons. The idea seems to evoke a sigh of pity, which is uncalled for. Firstly, it has been ascertained by social surveys that there need not be any stigma attached to the residents of old age homes and neither do they require our pity. Secondly, many parents of middle class families are neither neglected nor abandoned by their children.

But, in this age of MNCs and FDIs, working professionals today are compelled to move away from home and work in faraway places. The elders of such families often do not wish to live permanently with their children in strange and distant places. Except for visits, they prefer to be live in their own homes.

Apna Ghar has been set up with the aim of providing home comforts and peace of mind to seniors seeking peace and calm. It is to be run as a non profit institution for Promotion of Jain Heritage, a social service organization to provide shelter to people of advanced years who feel stressed out by the daily hassles and troubles of life. The aim is to make them feel they are truly at HOME though in a different residence. Their stay at Apna Ghar will free them from various worries and pressures and find them a new life with all the basic comforts and care essential for them. They will never feel that Apna Ghar is a punishment transfer of residence because they have been rejected by society.

It is well known fact that many NRIs have their parents or relatives staying alone in Kolkata or other places in India. Most probably they are a worried group who themselves are helpless for being unable to give company and are left worrying about their near and dear ones in the matter of giving them a SECURED as well as comfortable life without the feeling of loneliness. There are only a very few old age homes who can cater to old people of this group. We are confident to cater this group who have resources but are unable to look after themselves effectively.

Sometimes it is found that children along with their parents are more conscious of the so called stigma of the Old Age Home rather than theCOMFORT in the old age and opting for buying expensive flats and making arrangement of enough helping hands to serve them. But it has been found that this is NOT helping the old people to come out of the feeling ofLONELINESS. Moreover, the headache of running the house still lies on the old people which money cannot buy and often becomes the target of cheating - even murder.

Apna Ghar’s effort is to bring people out of this feeling and realise the difficulties which has to be faced in the old age inspite of having all the resources.

Among many human achievements of 20th century "longitivity of life" is one, which is contribution of modern medical science this resulted in accelerated growth of senior citizens

To establish senior citizen homes for elders who are seeking social interaction, secure living to persuade their interests and yet remain free from all social pressures.

To maintain physical, psychological, spiritual aspects of each individual member.

To provide well furnished accommodation and comfortable living facilities.


At Apna Ghar, we will take maximum care to provide all the possible facilities so that you can enjoy the best of your life.
The following facilities are available for our every resident and guest:

Accomodation Facilities:
•Fully Furnished Rooms.
•Attached Furnished Bathrooms.
•Furnished common lounges.

Dining Facilities
•Tea and Snacks two times a day and on call.
•Two meals per day.

Housekeping facilities
•Housekeeping two times a day.
• Linen services daily.
•In-House manager available 24 hrs a day.

Healthcare facilities
•Emergency medical response.
•Ambulance facility 24 hrs a day.
•Visiting Geriatrist Physician every week.
•Visiting Dentist once a month.

Club Facilities

•Cable TV at every room.
•Live Video chat facilities with your family and friends around the world.
•Current journals and periodicals and news papers.

Proposed requirement Infrastructure:

1) 10 Bedroom (double) attached bathroom equipped with following: -

a) 2 single bed

b) 2 almirah

c) 2 chair

d) 2 table

e) 1 television

f) 1 intercom

g) 2 bed lamp

h) 1 celling fan

i) 1 tube light

2) One Common lobby

3) One dinning Hall

4) One kitchen room

5) Two store room

6) One doctor room

7) One guest room

8) One Generator room

Equipments require: -

1) One refrigerator big for kitchen

2) One refrigerator small for medicine

3) Oxygen cylinder and equipment

4) Aqua guard


Manpower: -

1) Cook 2 person

2) Domestic helper – 2 person

3) One Manager



  1. I hv shared the idea with Rakesh Nahata and his comments as follows:-
    Very good idea and concept Make schemes separately for couple and single and make it charegeable and just help or guide people to look for sponsorors, contact jain clinic or any other organization for concessional rate blood test x ray etc
    If u need any help or suggestion always feel free to contact me

    Rakesh nahata



    PHONE: + 91 33 22741589/5856/2840/30602840

    TELEFAX: +91 33 22742840

    mobile: +91 9830012354

  2. Its a very humble thought.I respect this move.

    Let me know if we can also be a humble part of the this GREAT move.

    The elderies who has given birth to us , they also need peace and compassion.

    Suraj da ! its really thrilling move. I forsee a great sentiments.

    Rajesh Jain

  3. Dear Rajesh ji
    Thanks for ur support.
    Suraj Nowlakha

  4. good idea. go ahead, all the best!

    Sharad Boyd

  5. Dear Suraj,
    I have tried to post comment on the first day but failed. Blogger was not accepting comment from my browser on that day.
    Do you think of establishing the same at Rambagh complex? it will save your money in purchasing land. Besides, the old people will get an opportunity to be near a Temple and Dadabadi.
    It will also help in maintenance of Dadabadi after its Jirnoddhara.
    Go ahead with noble effort.
    Whole hearted support to your efforts.
    Jyoti Kothari

  6. Dear Suraj,
    Any progress?
    Jyoti Kothari

  7. wonderful ..........
    go ahead and show the world.........
    humlog abhi hai......

  8. Dear Jyoti Bhai

    i hv wrote a draft for the trust deed and will send to you shortly for rectification.once this trust deed finalize then my next coarse of action is to register the trust.

    Suraj Nowlakha

  9. Dear Suraj,
    You can meet me at Jineshwar Suri Bhawan during Paryushan.
    Jyoti Kothari

  10. Suraj,
    No message from you.
    Is there any progress?

    Are you very busy in your business works and can not find time for this old age home?

    Is there any problem?

    can I help you?
    Keep this active. At least post in this blog.

    Jyoti Kothari

  11. Dear Jyoti bhai...
    last 3 weeks I am out of town. just return back ,will keep u posted the devlopment ....

    thanks n best regards

    Suraj Nowlakha

  12. This is amazing , thanks Suraj what a profile of Azimgang, Azimganj is not only my Martibhumi its a Tirthabhumi of all.

    with regards

    Prakash Kundu